Tricycles for industrial purposes

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Industrial Tricycles

Facing an issue with industrial personnel moving? ECOTRIKE-BG will turn out to be the only sensible solution!

Getting rid of all dangerous and dirty fume emissions related to gasoline and propane vehicle usage is a must for providing healthy and clean working conditions. High maintenance costs can no longer be a problem, and moreover, nasty issues like spillage - or much worse - can forever be avoided! Cutting spendings from fuel is another important issue which cannot be overcame even with electric vehicles. This alternative solution is getting more and more expensive with the escalating energy costs lately. The prospect of failure to plug in a vehicle overnight, which will lead to substantial unpredicted downtime, is one that can readily be avoided! The responsibility for any disposal and special handling of dangerous material, such as batteries, won´t be required anymore!

Our ecotrikes are better, ecological and innovative solution to industrial personnel moving, while releasing you from series of responsibilities and unwanted costs. They are healthy, productive, free of hazards and require much less physical demand than walking! So far, the only sensible solution for